Why Bitcoin Is Good for the Art World

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Bitcoin Presents Potential Enormous Impact. Image courtesy Bitcoin.org Gary T. Kerr pens this guest post. He is the president of Fine Art Impressions. It is one of the leading digital fine art printing firms worldwide. Gary also contributed a … [Continue reading]

Five Ways to Boost Your Art Career

Five ways to boost your art career

How to strengthen your art career. Five ways to help your art career. Sell direct to collectors. Build a network of fans, friends and followers. Become slightly famous. Be known for your work. Maximize your marketing. Let’s break them … [Continue reading]

8 Ideal Artist Traits Art Print Publishers Seek

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Are You An Ideal Artist for Print Publishers? One of an art print publishers most crucial tasks is to find new artists and fresh looks. Discovering new artists as possible additions to their print catalogs is a constant, critical need. Publishers … [Continue reading]

How to Find Art Print Publishers

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What Is the Art Print Publisher’s Role? Working with fine art print publishers can open up new sources of passive income for visual artists. Publishers represent fine artists and seek to sell their work to wholesalers and retailers. Besides … [Continue reading]

What Is Art Marketing | Why It Is Important

What is art marketing

Art Marketing Works At its basic level art marketing is a systematized process of creating awareness and interest for an artist or artwork that leads to a desire to engage the artist, gallery,  or company, to own its products, use its services, or … [Continue reading]

Social Media for Artists

microbusiness marketing

Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing. Most artists I know fall into the category of owning and operating a microbusiness. This is no surprise since of the nearly 28 million businesses in the U.S., 92% are a microbusiness that employs 5 or … [Continue reading]

21 Resources to Boost Your Art Career

Art Marketing Gifts

Art Marketing Gifts for Visual Artists Giving gifts is a big part of the Holiday Season.  In a sense, I think of the art marketing ideas, information and inspiration I produce in my blog posts, podcasts and webinars throughout the year as gifts … [Continue reading]

Art Career Success Killers | Self-limiting Beliefs

art career success frustrations

Ambition Will Succeed Where Talent Alone Will Not. The above is a phrase I coined a few years ago. We all know there are plenty of talented artists, musicians, writers and other creative types who never seem to get their due. Lack of ambition is one … [Continue reading]

Selling Art to Interior Designers with JND

Interior designers loved Ken Hawk

[Continue reading]

Success Requires Failure It Is Not An Option

Success Requires Failure

Career Success Is Full of Failure. It seems the almost endless rounds of social media about famous failures have subsided – finally. We get it already! Who hasn't heard the stories about Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, Winston Churchill, Marilyn … [Continue reading]