How to Improve Your Art Business

how to improve your art business

Here are useful tips to improve your art business. Know Who Buys Your Art. If your art is florals and landscapes, this is harder than if you are in a niche such as nautical art. Nonetheless, you need to define your buyers. Are they mostly women or … [Continue reading]

Top Ten Art Marketing Tools to Transform Your Career

Top Ten Art Marketing Tools

Essential Art Marketing Tools These art marketing tools are like building blocks. Learning to use them and interweave them with each other is how you can efficiently grow your art business. They are not the be all to end all. You still need great, … [Continue reading]

Seven Questions for Artists Considering the Art Print Market

Robert Laduke - giclee for the art print market

Will the art print market work for you? Before artists jump in the art print market, it is crucial they know the most important questions about breaking into it, and if it is right for them. Reading this post will challenge you to start organizing … [Continue reading]

Five Reasons Why Art Careers Fail

Why art careers fail

Boost your success by learning why art careers fail. Art careers can fail for many reasons. Here are five common fails you need to avoid. Fail to choose success - Success never just happens. It is a result of choosing to be successful. As … [Continue reading]

Art Career Clarity | Successful Art Careers | Part Twelve

Art career clarity

Do you have art career clarity? Gaining clarity can make the difference between a marginally and a highly successful result for your art career. Can you easily describe how your career will look in one year? What about in five years, or oh my … [Continue reading]

Social Media for Artists | Does It Pay?

2-for-1 art marketing books

Making social media for artists work for you. Social media is just a marketing tool for artists. Success is strictly about what you do with the tool rather than which tool you use. Nearly any social media program can deliver results when used … [Continue reading]

Your Key to Success | Find Direct Buying Art Collectors

how to find direct buying art collectors

What's your plan to find direct buying art collectors? The above video is a Google Hangout with Jason Horejs and me conversing on the subject of how to find art collectors. Want to get into greater detail and learn more about how to find and … [Continue reading]

Making Successful Art Commissions

making successful art commissions

Advice for preparing to accept commissioned art projects. Editor's Note: This guest post is by Alison Lansky. Check out the news at the bottom of this post for information on a FREE Online Event - Guerrilla Marketing for Artists Webinar with … [Continue reading]

Five Reasons Your Selling Art Opportunities Are Increasing

optimism = selling art opportunities

The return of optimism improves your prospects for selling art now. Sometimes things sneak up on us. It takes time for trends and changes to become plainly obvious. Right now visual artists have the best prospects for selling art in nearly a … [Continue reading]

The Truth about What Kind of Art Sells Best

What Kind of Art Sells Best

Stop worrying and wondering about what kind of art sells best. Researching to discover what the bestselling art subjects are wastes your time. More importantly, if you are using the information to slavishly mimic another artist, it can rob you of … [Continue reading]