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Your Art Career Success Comes by Choice

Choosing decisive action is a key component to your art career success.

Art Career  Choice or Chance

You have two options in how your art career develops:

                  1. Choice
                  2. Chance

If you fail to choose to establish goals and plans to achieve them, your art career is left to chance. If that is you, I wish you luck as you will need it. To succeed, you need to make choices and take decisive actions.

What Is Holding You Back?

Are you failing to make choices because you fear making the wrong choice? Alternatively, do too many choices stall you? The multitude of choices, and glut of information about them, make blessings a curse for some. Do not let this happen to you.

Art Career Choices

The good news is leaving things to chance is not fatal. At any time, whether at the beginning or 20 years in, you can choose to seize control of your career. Your decision to take ownership of your art career is the first step. The next is to create a plan of action. If its seems I am repeating myself, you are right because I want to pound home the importance of planning and action.

Taking Action Is the Key

After you make your decision, the tougher part is taking action. Paralysis by analysis is one reason. Poor organization is another. Confusion and lack of knowledge about what to do are probably the biggest culprits in stalling decisive action.

In most cases, which choice is less valuable than making one. So, just go after it. By choosing goals and taking appropriate actions, you a create a positive energy that will fuel your desire to fulfill them.

Learn to Let Go

Do not waste time reflecting on the past and lost opportunities. Doing so is a pointless, counterproductive thief of your time, energy and morale. Although you cannot change the past, you can choose not to let it affect you no now or in the future, no matter what happened. Not letting go is emotionally crippling.

When you understand what truly matters you begin to live your life with purpose. When you pursue your dream with passion and integrity, you build upward momentum in all areas of your life. Find role models from whom you can draw strength and inspiration. Take the time to discover their path and how they succeed. As your own success becomes part of your destiny use it to become an inspiration to others.


To get motivated and clear up the confusion, you need to set realistic, achievable goals. You must know what you want from your art career. This is not a competition. There are no rules. You just have to decide, then act.

Every artist’s goals are unique. You can decide you want your work hung in the best museums, or that being a Sunday painter who sells a few pieces a year suits you just fine. You probably will find yourself somewhere between those examples. Just choose what fits your idea of success for your art career. It is all good.

Action and Planning

Once you set your art career goals, proceed to turn them into reality. Begin by forecasting your goals. What do you want your art career to look like next year, in five years, and beyond?

Take your goals and completion dates and work backwards. Breakdown larger goals into smaller ones, and break those down again. Repeat the process until you have a series of small steps that you can easily accomplish as needed. This is project planning. Get good at this and you will never feel overwhelmed by either too much to do or not enough time to do it. Learn how to take action and get noticed in productive ways.

You Are Not Alone | There Is Help for Planning and Strategizing

Successful Art Careers Require Planning

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It would not be fair to you or me if I did not tell you my Guerrilla Marketing for Artists book is devoted to helping you figure out what your goals are and how to achieve them. If you want specific help on ways to put your career on solid ground and grow it from there, the small investment you make to own it will pay you big dividends for years to come.

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    This post goes right to the heart of Barney Davey and to mine, as well. It is a “kindred spirit” message that goes beyond the excellent information in your other “less personal” posts and opens the door to the SOUL behind the words – it speaks not just to the mind, but from the heart of an exceptional , organized and determined talent able and willing to unselfishly share valuable knowledge and experience with others, and to do it in a way that deserves to create an income as well.

    It made my day – and week – and, if I’m smart enough to follow suit, for some years to come.

    More than thanks,
    Dick Harrison

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