Blogging for Artists Trumps Social Media

Let me be blunt. If you are not blogging you should be. It works better than social media.

Visual Artists Can Get High Mileage from Blogging.

Let me be blunt. If you are not blogging you should be. If you are spending time and effort on social media and don’t have an active blog, and don’t have an easy way to collect email addresses, then you have your marketing priorities in the wrong order.

In 2007, when I morphed Art Print Issues from an online newsletter to a blog, one of my first blog posts was Why Every Artist Needs a Blog. Among the nearly 500 posts I’ve published since, you can find numerous posts extolling the value of blogging for artists. One of my most visited blog posts is 52 Blog Topics for Artists – Get Started Now!

Infographics have become very popular.

Infograhics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. You find them popping up everywhere these days. Here are two that help prove my point about how blogging for artists trumps spending time on social media. The first is from Patricia Redsiciker, who offers content marketing advice to Internet marketers.

facebook or blog


The Art Biz Coach Rocks Blogging for Artists

This second infographic comes courtesy of the most popular art business blogger on the planet, Alyson Stanfield, aka The Art Biz Coach. She recently published this infographic on the steps for artists to write a blog post. I know she is in agreement with me on the value of blogging for artists.

artist blog formulaAlyson has a new Blog Triage class that is starting up on April 25. The outline looks great, which is what I would expect from Alyson.

Her blog has been regularly published since 2005. As such, she has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about how blogging for artists can be leveraged to boost awareness and sales.

Social Media Has Its Place

I don’t think artists should abandon social media. It can be instrumental in supporting your blogging and helping you find new friends, followers and collectors. I know with certainty it is not as powerful as blogging for artists.

Live Well, Work Well, Prosper

A well-lived life is about balance. So is a well-constructed art career. Having the knowledge to know how to prioritize what is most important, such as blogging, and the discipline to stick with it,  despite temptations, and the feeling you have done it all, or for too long, is what will make you a better, more competitive artist in today’s art market.

The Road to Art Marketing Success Workshop


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  • Why email marketing is far from dead, and how to get maximum returns from using yours.
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  1. Hi Barney! I am in your archives looking for a formula for artists that balances the social media marketing we need to succeed that doesn’t over saturate or annoy our online friends. What can you suggest as a possible formula for this?


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